About Us

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Permits West, Inc. is a small, privately-held consulting firm specializing in Rights-of-Way and environmental permitting services on tribal, federal, and state lands.  We have been providing high quality, personalized environmental and regulatory services since 1984.  Over the past 30 years, PWI has served a diverse clientele across the Rocky Mountain West including government entities, public utility companies, individual land owners, and publicly traded corporations.  Whether you are drilling for oil in the Permian Basin, bringing power to remote parts of the Navajo Nation, or mapping grazing patterns on public lands, Permits West can help you navigate today’s complex regulatory environment and bring your projects from concept to on-the-ground reality.  We pride ourselves on being local, nimble, and highly skilled at what we do.

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Brian Wood, President

Mike Deutsch, Project Director/Geospatial Analyst
Jeanette Reisenburg, Rights-of-Way Specialist
Dr. Robyn Tierney, Natural Resource Specialist/Botanist
Celia Cook, Natural Resource Specialist/Wildlife Biologist
Charles Black, Wildlife Biologist

Dr. Daniel Gibson-Reinemer, Natural Resource Specialist/Biologist